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–  Cafayate Tourist Information Office

Cafayate Tourist Information Office

1 – Casa Prana by Cafayate Holiday – 2 Miles

Casa Prana by Cafayate Holiday

Casa Prana is an elegant and comfortable holiday home, available for short or long term rentals, located in La Estancia de Cafayate, Cafayate

2 – Casa Hortensia by Cafayate Holiday – 2 Miles

Casa Hortensia by Cafayate Holiday

Casa Hortensia is a comfortable and convenient house, located in the wonderful valley near Cafayate.

3 – Casa Vides by Cafayate Holiday – 2 Miles

Casa Vides by Cafayate Holiday

Casa Vides is a large villa that caters for 12 adults, located in La Estancia de Cafayate, Cafayate.

4 – Casa Tannat by Cafayate Holiday – 2 Miles

Casa Tannat by Cafayate Holiday

Casa Tannat is an elegant and confortable two-story holiday home perfect for two couples or a small family.

5 – Casa Mistol by Cafayate Holiday – 2 Miles

Casa Mistol by Cafayate Holiday


Casa Mistol is a beautifully decorated villa that accommodates six adults, located in Cafayate, Salta. The villa is available for short term and long term rentals.

6 – Casa Jeffry by Cafayate Holiday – 2 Miles

Casa Jeffry by Cafayate Holiday

Casa Jeffry is a cozy house surrounded by vineyards and gorgeous mountains.

7 – Casa Lynda – 2 Miles

Casa Lynda

Casa Lynda is a holiday house in the Estancia de Cafayate, surrounded by a cosy green yard.  The house has three bedrooms, catering for 5 people.

8 – Casa Aromas – 2 Miles

Casa Aromas

Casa Aromas is a cosy two bedroom house, catering for six people, located in la Estancia de Cafayate

9 – Casa Barricas – 2 Miles

Casa Barricas

Casa Barricas is a comfortable two bedroom house, sleeping 8 adults, located in la Estancia de Cafayate, about 4 kilometer from the central plaza.



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